Our partnership with HealthConnections was characterized by increasing reach. As a new player in health news, they want to help regular people understand the complicated world of health policy and partnered with 86Thrive to ensure their message was heard.


HealthConnections was outfitted with a modern, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-navigate website that has helped them grow the reach of their content.

graphic design

HealthConnections was outfitted with a new logo and brand guide to put the best image forward to readers.



As an ongoing support resource, we operate as a partner and a knowledge-base to help HealthConnections expand the reach of their brand and reach new people with their message.

Our partnership with the East Tennessee Libertarian Party was defined by results. Over the course of 6 months, we reached 5,000,000 voters with a Libertarian message, raised thousands of dollars, connected with local politicians and decision makers, and threw several local political events. Partnering with 86Thrive has ensured the emergence of the ETNLP as a prominent player in East TN politics.



As part of our engagement, ETNLP was outfitted with a mobile-optimized modern website that has helped grow their mailing list, raise money, and propagate important content.

email marketing

In order to improve meeting attendance, ETNLP was setup with tools to effectively and elegantly market via email. With an easy to use but sexy interface, ETNLP was able to grow their monthly meetings from around 4 people to over 40 people.

social media

The trick to growth with the ETNLP was an engaging social media presence. With close to 90% of their exposure coming through free channels such as Facebook and Twitter, a professional and well-managed set of pages was key to their exceptional growth.

Our partnership with The RECURO Initiative was characterized by increasing influence. Since RECURO’s founding in 2013, they have grown to be a prominent voice in Tennessee politics. Partnering with 86Thrive has ensured RECURO has seen growth based on a competently deployed marketing strategy.


content monetization

 RECURO’s plan to generate revenue revolved around monetizing their digital content. By partnering with 86Thrive, RECURO was able to generate revenue through ads by creating and distributing viral content.


RECURO was in need of a cost-effective and easy to navigate website. With a conservative budget, we designed a site that worked for  needs and handled the bandwidth of thousands of viewers per month.

graphic design

RECURO was outfitted with the high quality graphical assets to put the best image forward to potential members.

Our partnership with Andrew Wilson's campaign for Knoxville City Council was full of growth. Over the course of our partnership, the campaign exploded into a large grassroots movement to get a true South Knoxville family-man into a position of influence on the Knoxville City Council.

Graphic Design

The campaign was outfitted with a sleek logo and brand image designed to intrigue and engage potential voters while building credibility.



We operated as a low-cost resource for the campaign to utilize when they needing advice on campaign event planning and press related engagements.


Throughout our engagement, the campaign was setup with a sleek website built fully with their brand image in mind. This site propagated increased fundraising and was used as a platform to recruit volunteers and share campaign info and events. 

They were professional and efficient. They took our vision and produced exactly what we wanted quickly and at a very fair cost. We highly recommend using them for all of your marketing needs.
— Chris Silver, Owner


Windrock Grill was provided outstanding logos based on the described needs of the owner. With a quick turnaround time, Windrock  was able to keep their cost low and still make out with a great logo.



As part of our engagement, Windrock Grill was provided a brand guide complete with a digital color guide, a font summary, and best practices when using logos.



As a support resource, 86Thrive operates as a open line of communication for Windrock Grill to seek consulting on better marketing the restaurant.